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Discover the Enchanting Ocarina: Hand-Crafted Woodwind Melodies


The Ocarina, a venerable wind instrument renowned for its unique resonance, holds a cherished place in the annals of musical history as one of the oldest vessel flutes known to humankind. With roots tracing back through the corridors of time, the Ocarina's enchanting melodies have echoed across diverse cultures and geographical landscapes. Notably revered in Chinese and Meso-American traditions, these instruments, often sculpted in the likeness of animals, particularly birds, have captivated generations with their ethereal sounds. Crafted from a variety of materials including plastic, wood, glass, and metal, the quintessential Ocarina is traditionally fashioned from ceramics, a testament to its enduring allure.


Indulge in the timeless elegance of our hand-crafted Ocarina, meticulously fashioned from carefully selected sonorous wood to capture the essence of its ancient origins. Available in two distinct options—Alto and Bass—each Ocarina offers a unique tonal palette, allowing musicians to explore a rich tapestry of melodies and harmonies. Whether you're a seasoned virtuoso or a budding enthusiast, our Ocarina promises an immersive musical experience that transcends time and space, inviting you to embark on a soul-stirring journey through the corridors of musical history.


Immerse yourself in the celestial melodies of our Ocarina, a testament to the enduring legacy of this timeless wind instrument. Hand-crafted with precision and care, our Ocarina resonates with a captivating quality that transcends mere notes, stirring the soul and igniting the imagination. Whether you're seeking to channel the ancient wisdom of bygone civilizations or simply seeking solace in the ethereal beauty of music, our Ocarina promises to transport you to realms of sublime enchantment, where melody and memory intertwine in perfect harmony.



€200.00 Regular Price
€160.00Sale Price
  • Material: Natural wood 

    Origin: Made in India

    Care Instructions:

    • Handle delicately to prevent damage.
    • Clean with a soft, dry cloth after each use.
    • Store in a protective case or pouch when not in use.
    • Avoid exposing to extreme conditions.
    • Use caution when transporting to prevent damage.

    Special Features:

    • Hand-crafted from selected sonorous wood for superior quality.
    • Available in both Alto and Bass options for versatility.
    • Offers a fascinating quality of resonance.
    • Crafted in the traditional vessel flute style.
    • Compact and portable design for easy transportation.

    Customer Benefits:

    • Experience the rich history and cultural significance of the ancient Ocarina.
    • Enjoy the unique sound and resonance of this hand-crafted instrument.
    • Versatile options allow for different playing styles and preferences.
    • Perfect for both beginners and experienced musicians alike.
    • Enhance your musical collection with this beautiful and authentic instrument.

    Indulge in the timeless beauty and melodious tones of our Ocarina, an instrument steeped in history and crafted for musical excellence.

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