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Pulse Tube Set: Explore Creative Performances with Special Effects Instruments


Discover the captivating rhythms of our Pulse Tube Set. Crafted for special effects, these instruments create mesmerizing pulses at different speeds by opening and closing the resonance hole. As versatile "tuners," they offer control over the pulse's pace, infusing any space with a refreshing sense of wonder.


Ideal for enhancing ambiance or adding unique elements to performances, our Pulse Tube Set offers a dynamic range of creative possibilities. The octave set, in particular, can be utilized as Chakra Pulses, aligning with work on the subtle energy centers to promote balance and harmony. Elevate your sound experience and unlock new dimensions of creativity with our Pulse Tube Set.


Immersive Sound Experience: Immerse yourself in the rich and resonant tones of our Pulse Tube Set, elevating your sonic journey to new heights. Whether you're a musician, therapist, or sound enthusiast, these special effects instruments provide an immersive sound experience that captivates audiences and enhances your creative expression. Dive into a world of pulsating rhythms and explore the limitless potential of sound with our Pulse Tube Set.

Pulse Tube Set

€299.00 Regular Price
€251.00Sale Price
  • Material: High-quality aluminum


    Origin: Made in India

    Care Instructions:

    • Gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth after each use.
    • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture.
    • Store in provided carry bag to prevent damage.

    Special Features:

    • Set of 8 aluminum tubes for versatile performance
    • Includes two medium mallets and convenient carry bag for easy transport.

    Customer Benefits:

    • Versatile Sound Effects: Create pulsing rhythms easily with eight aluminum tubes and a mallet, adding dynamic layers to your music or therapy sessions.
    • Refreshing Atmosphere: Generate a sense of wonder and ambiance with the unique pulsing sounds, enhancing any performance or healing environment.
    • Subtle Energy Work: Use the octave set for Chakra Pulses, promoting balance and alignment in the body's energy centers.
    • Easy to Use: Conveniently designed for effortless incorporation into your practice, the pulse tube set is user-friendly and accessible.
    • Enhanced Creativity: Experiment with different speeds to unlock new creative possibilities and expand your sonic repertoire.

    Immerse yourself in the therapeutic sounds of our Pulse Tube Set and elevate your sound healing journey today.

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