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Harmonic Resonance: Explore Tranquility with Our Sonic Plates Set 


Step into a world of harmonic resonance with our Sonic Plates Set. These meticulously crafted sonic plates offer more than just captivating sounds; they have the power to transform the atmosphere of any space. Each plate is precisely tuned to specific frequencies, carefully chosen to promote balance and well-being.


Whether you're seeking to create a serene ambiance in your home, studio, or office, or looking to enhance your meditation or yoga practice, our Sonic Plates Set is the perfect tool. These plates serve as tuners, aligning the energy of your environment with the frequencies of nature, bringing a sense of harmony and tranquility.


Beyond their musical qualities, our sonic plates act as signifiers, marking moments of transition or intention in your daily life. By incorporating them into your rituals or ceremonies, you can deepen your connection to the present moment and amplify your intentions.


Experience the transformative power of sound as our Sonic Plates Set fosters regenerative energies and deepens your sense of equilibrium. Whether used for personal growth, creative expression, or simply to create a soothing atmosphere, these plates offer a versatile and immersive sonic experience like no other. Elevate your space and elevate your spirit with our Sonic Plates Set.

Sonic Plates Set

€6,500.00 Regular Price
€5,330.00Sale Price
  • Tuning: C4, D4, E4, G4, B4, C5, D5, E5, G5, B5, C6, D6,E6, G6

    Dimension: 72.8” x 69.6” x 19.7”

    Material: The plates are expertly crafted from brass, while the stand is elegantly constructed from wood, providing both durability and aesthetic appeal to our Sonic Plates Set.

    Weight : 50 kg

    Comes with: Stand

    Origin: Made in India

    Care Instructions:

    • Wipe brass plates with a soft, dry cloth after each use
    • Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners
    • Dust wooden stand regularly with a soft cloth
    • Store in a dry, cool place when not in use

    Special Features:

    • Precisely tuned sonic plates for harmonizing frequencies
    • Versatile use as tuners and signifiers in various environments
    • Crafted with high-quality brass and wood for durability

    Customer Benefits:

    • Enhance the atmosphere of any space with harmonizing vibrations
    • Use as tuners to bring balance and equilibrium to life, study, or work areas
    • Regenerate energy and foster deep relaxation in recreational spaces

    Experience the transformative power of harmonizing frequencies with our Sonic Plates Set, designed to elevate your space and promote balance and well-being.

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