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Explore Celestial Harmonies: Sound Ships Miniature Instruments  


The Sound Ships offer an intriguing journey into the higher octaves of planetary frequencies, bringing cosmic vibrations to your immediate surroundings. Despite their compact size, these miniature marvels can evoke the sensation of rocking through celestial oceans, captivating the senses with their ethereal resonance. With a precise strike from the included mallet, these sound ships set sail into your near field, prompting a moment of heightened awareness and attentiveness.


Crafted to resonate with the subtle energies of the cosmos, each Sound Ship is tuned to a specific planetary frequency, inviting you to explore the harmonic qualities of the celestial bodies. From the rhythmic pulse of Earth's rotation to the mysterious allure of distant Saturn, these sound ships serve as conduits for the cosmic vibrations that permeate the universe. With their ability to transport you to the far reaches of the cosmos, these miniature vessels offer a unique and immersive sonic experience.


Enhancing your space with their enchanting resonance, the Sound Ships provide a portal to the celestial realms, allowing you to connect with the cosmic energies that surround us. Whether used for meditation, relaxation, or simply to add a touch of celestial magic to your environment, these miniature sound ships offer a captivating journey into the mysteries of the universe. Embark on a sonic voyage and let the celestial frequencies of the Sound Ships transport you to new dimensions of awareness and inner exploration.

Sound Ship

€180.00 Regular Price
€130.00Sale Price
  • Tuning:

    • Earth Rotation - 776.72 Hz, G5
    • Earth Circumulation - 544.4 Hz, C#5
    • Mercury - 1130.16 Hz, C#6
    • Venus - 884.92 Hz, A5
    • Moon - 841.68 Hz, G#
    • Mars - 578.8 Hz, D5
    • Jupiter - 734 Hz, F#5
    • Saturn - 591.4 Hz, D5

    Comes with mallet

    Material: High-quality aluminum and natural wood

    Origin: Made in India

    Care Instructions:

    • Handle with care to avoid damage
    • Keep away from moisture and extreme temperatures
    • Regularly wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth
    • Store in a safe and dry place when not in use

    Special Features:

    • Precisely tuned to higher octaves of planetary frequencies
    • Compact size allows for easy portability
    • Crafted for stability and durability
    • Comes with a mallet for immediate use

    Customer Benefits:

    • Enhances alertness and attention with specific vibrations
    • Can be used anywhere, from home to office or outdoor spaces
    • Provides a unique and engaging sound experience
    • Easy to use and maintain, suitable for beginners and experienced users

    Experience the cosmic voyage of sound with Sound Ships, where each vibration carries you to new dimensions of awareness and harmony, guiding you on a journey of discovery and inner exploration.

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