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Experience Elemental Power: Storm Drum Large for Sound Healing Spaces 


The Storm Drum Mini emerges as a recent innovation in the realm of world music, offering a captivating experience with its simplicity and effectiveness. Crafted with precision, this compact instrument harnesses the power of elemental sounds, delivering an immersive auditory journey. By delicately manipulating a steel spring connected to a resonator, the player can control the opening and closing of the instrument, unleashing a symphony of unexpected sonic expressions reminiscent of the raw power of a storm.


Despite its modest size, the Storm Drum Mini exudes a remarkable capacity to evoke elemental forces through its evocative sounds. With each gentle movement, the player unlocks a realm of creativity and exploration, allowing for a deeply immersive musical experience. Whether used in personal meditation sessions or incorporated into sound healing practices, this miniature storm drum offers a unique avenue for self-expression and introspection.


Ideal for practitioners and enthusiasts alike, the Storm Drum Mini serves as a versatile tool for artistic expression and sonic exploration. Its portable design makes it convenient for both indoor and outdoor settings, inviting users to engage with its elemental sounds wherever they go. Experience the awe-inspiring power of nature's symphony with the Storm Drum Mini, a compact yet potent instrument that brings the exhilarating energy of a storm into the palm of your hand.

Storm Drum Mini

€90.00 Regular Price
€72.00Sale Price
  • Dimension: 12.2” x 4” x 4”

    Material: Crafted from durable PVC, this instrument ensures reliability and longevity, promising countless hours of musical enjoyment.

    Origin: Made in India

    Care Instructions:

    • Clean with a soft cloth as needed to maintain its appearance
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture or direct sunlight
    • Store in a cool, dry place when not in use
    • Preserve its integrity and longevity by following care instructions

    Special Features:

    • Portable and lightweight design for easy transport and setup
    • Durable PVC construction ensures long-lasting performance
    • Simple manipulation of the steel spring allows for a variety of elemental sounds
    • Versatile instrument suitable for sound healing spaces, meditation rooms, and musical performances

    Customer Benefits:

    • Immerse yourself in a powerful sound experience
    • Enhance your space with unique elemental resonance
    • Explore creativity with simple manipulation
    • Experience soothing therapeutic effects
    • Easily control sound intensity and character

    Embrace the elemental power of the Storm Drum Mini and elevate your sound journey.

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