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Tanpura Santoor: Harmonious Fusion of Indian and Japanese Musical Traditions   


The Tanpura Santoor is a testament to musical versatility and cultural richness, offering both one-sided and two-sided options to cater to diverse preferences. Inspired by the harmonious melodies of the Indian Tambura and the tranquil tones of the Japanese Koto, this instrument captures the essence of musical fusion with its meticulously crafted design. On its front side, it features four strings that lay the groundwork for resonant harmonies, while an additional eight strings are tuned to a pentatonic raga scale, inviting the listener on a serene musical journey.


Flipping to the reverse side reveals a mesmerizing array of strings serving as a drone, allowing the natural harmonics to unfold and envelop the listener in a tapestry of rich, immersive soundscapes. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Tanpura Santoor embodies the spirit of cultural exchange and artistic exploration. Its intricate design seamlessly blends elements from Indian and Japanese traditions, creating a harmonious fusion of melody and rhythm.


Whether you're a seasoned musician or an aspiring enthusiast, the Tanpura Santoor offers an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the depths of melody and rhythm. Its harmonious blend of strings and scales creates a mesmerizing auditory experience that transcends boundaries and captivates the soul. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Tanpura Santoor and embark on a musical journey that spans continents and centuries, uniting cultures and traditions in a celebration of harmony and creativity.

Tanpura Santoor

€951.00 Regular Price
€851.00Sale Price
  • One-Sided

    Dimension: 45.2” x 9” x 4”

    Weight: 17 kg



    Dimension: 45.2”X 9”x 7”
    Weight: 18 kg


    Material: Crafted with precision from high-quality wood and durable strings, ensuring longevity and exceptional sound quality.

    Origin: Made in India

    Care Instructions:

    • Handle with care to avoid damage to the wood and strings.
    • Wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth after each use to remove dust and moisture.
    • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent warping.
    • Regular maintenance will prolong the instrument's lifespan and preserve its performance quality.

    Special Features:

    • High-quality wood and string construction for durability.
    • Dual-sided design for versatile playing styles.
    • Traditional Indian Tambura strings on the front.
    • Pentatonic raga scale inspired by Japanese Koto.
    • Multitude of strings for rich natural harmonics.

    Customer Benefits:

    • Experience the authentic sound of traditional Indian music with Tambura strings.
    • Versatile design allows for exploration of different musical traditions and styles.
    • Enjoy the rich resonance and harmonic complexity of the instrument's dual-sided configuration.
    • Ideal for both beginners and experienced players seeking a unique and immersive musical experience.
    • Crafted from premium materials for long-lasting performance and durability.

    Experience the rich resonance and versatile exploration of musical traditions with our Tanpura Santoor, featuring high-quality wood and string construction, dual-sided design, and a multitude of strings for rich natural harmonics.

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