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Sound Bath For Two

Price for two participants

  • 45 min
  • 60 euros
  • Svaha Sound Therapy

Service Description

Experience the blissful harmony of our Couple Sound Bath service at Svaha Sound Therapy. Together, immerse in a symphony of carefully curated sounds that not only deepen your connection but also bring therapeutic benefits to your health. This shared experience is designed to promote relaxation, alleviate stress, and foster a profound sense of well-being for both partners. Let the healing vibrations create a serene atmosphere, enriching your bond and nurturing your minds, bodies, and souls. Elevate your relationship with the transformative power of our Couple Sound Bath, where wellness and togetherness converge. Benefits of a couple sound bath service may include: Deepened Connection: Experiencing a sound bath together can enhance the emotional bond between individuals, fostering a sense of connection and shared relaxation. Increased Empathy: Sharing a sound bath can create a synchronized experience, allowing both individuals to attune to each other's energy, promoting empathy and understanding. Strengthened Communication: The serene atmosphere of a sound bath provides an ideal setting for open communication and the strengthening of interpersonal bonds. Mutual Relaxation: Couples can enjoy the calming effects of the sound vibrations together, contributing to a shared sense of tranquility and stress relief. Couples Meditation: Sound baths create an environment conducive to meditation, allowing couples to engage in a joint meditative practice that can enhance mindfulness and unity. Encouragement of Vulnerability: The gentle sounds can create a safe space, encouraging couples to be present and vulnerable with each other, deepening their emotional connection. Shared Intentions: Couples can set shared intentions for the sound bath session, fostering a sense of unity in purpose and mutual support for personal and relational growth. Harmonizing Energies: The vibrational frequencies of the instruments can work to balance the energy between individuals, promoting harmony and coherence in the relationship. Emotional Resonance: The shared experience of the sound bath can evoke similar emotional responses, allowing couples to resonate with each other's feelings and emotions. Quality Time: A couple sound bath provides an opportunity for couples to carve out dedicated time for relaxation and self-care, promoting a healthy balance in their relationship. Couple sound bath can offer a range of benefits for both individuals and their relationship.

Contact Details

  • Svaha Sound Therapy, 7 Parklands Place, Saggart, Dublin, D24 H48D, Ireland


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